Brian, 26, is a maintenance manager. Ashley, 28, is a benefits specialist at a law firm. They live in Manassas, Va.

The Main Event: March 31 at their church. The theme is “In Perfect Harmony,” so their flower girl will throw paper musical notes instead of petals.

How They Met: In high school; her sister and his brother used to date.

First Date: Last year. “He tricked me into going to the movies with him” by inviting her with his 5-year-old son. “When I arrived at the theater, he’d dropped his son off!”

First Kiss: She kissed him in front of her condo after he sent her a bouquet of irises, her favorite flowers.

How he Proposed: After a weekend “camping” inside their condo during “hurricane weekend” last summer with junk food, movies and cuddling.

Their song: “You Are” by Charlie Wilson. “Those lyrics tell the truth about the way Ashley makes me feel,” Brian says. “God sent me an angel.”

When He Knew: “I saw how she cared for my son and how she just loved me.”

With Infinite Funds: “A completely Disney-themed wedding,” says Ashley.