"Wait--is there something on my forehead? Don't take the picture if there's something on my forehead."

The season of Snow White begins Friday with “Mirror Mirror” and continues with “Snow White and the Huntsman” in June. Julia Roberts plays the evil queen in “Mirror” and joins a long line of royal ladies who lead

Queen Elizabeth II
In 2006’s “The Queen,” the queen of England (Helen Mirren in an Oscar-winning role) grapples with the future of the monarchy after Princess Diana’s death, all while wearing cool hats.

Queen Elizabeth I
Cate Blanchett plays the Virgin Queen in 1998’s “Elizabeth,” a role that includes not only fantastic gowns and romantic liaisons, but also a lot of burning people alive.

The White Witch
In 2005’s “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” Tilda Swinton plunges Narnia into a snowy world where it’s “always winter and never Christmas.” It’s all cold feet and shoveling with none of the cookies and presents.

Eleanor of Aquitaine
In “The Lion in Winter,” Katharine Hepburn plays the wife of Henry III, who’s getting together with her husband and boys for Christmas. Given that he keeps her locked in a tower, the holiday reunion is a bit awkward.

1963’s epic “Cleopatra” took four years to shoot and defines “over the top.” But it is fun to try to spot when during the filming Elizabeth Taylor started sleeping with co-star Richard Burton.