This year, the whole family is going to New York to spend Easter with my in-laws, who are wonderfully sweet people, whom I adore. The one problem is that they go to a very traditional, fairly stuffy church. (I was raised in a more charismatic Protestant tradition, and we currently attend a church that encourages a come-as-you-are informality.) Can you recommend a shoe, something I can also wear with work clothes? — Elaine

Manolo says, Easter is one of the Manolo’s most favoritest times of the year. Spring has arrived in its fullest glory, heralded by the birdsongs and crowned in the flowers.

It is the season of joy and reconciliation, when the lion will lay down with the lamb, and the person in the three-piece suit will smile when he hands the church program to the bearded fellow in the novelty T-shirt and board shorts.

Easter is when we must put aside our differences and recognize what is most important; whether or not Coca-Cola is better than simple brown sugar for glazing the ham, or if it is better to start with the ears, or nibble away slowly at the body so that only the chocolate bunny’s face remains, to be consumed at last with the greatest remorse and pleasure.

Here is the Warhalla from the Sigerson Morrison ($375, Zappos), the handsome, classic, reserved mid-heel shoe that would look perfectly at home in Westminster Cathedral, or the offices of InTechTronCo. Inc.