Eliza, 27, works for the EPA. Arthur, 28, is a business development associate. They live in Alexandria.

The Main Event: April 21 at the restaurant at Mount Vernon. On the formality scale, Eliza jokes, “it’s 8.7 kilobrunches.”

How They Met: “I joined the same club for huge nerds that he was in” during college, Eliza says. Arthur: “She got elected president against my wishes since I thought she was a pushy interloper.”

First Impressions: “Most of us had a crush on her while at the same time being kind of scared of her.”

First Date: A sci-fi convention. “It wasn’t officially a date, but when you spend a whole convention together and then cuddle for an hour at the train station afterwards, it’s hard to call it anything else,” Arthur says.

How He Proposed: With a scavenger hunt at the Music and Gaming Festival, with her friends and convention staff as accomplices. “I had to beat the final boss of ‘Sonic 3 and Knuckles’ to trigger a custom video. At the end, I turned around and there he was.”

Our Song: “Makin’ Out” by Mark Owen. “I like that song, and Arthur loves it, and I’d’ve never learned about it without him.”