Travis, 30, works for Booz Allen. Catherine, 23, is a nursing student. They’ll live in D.C. after the wedding.

The Main Event: A June 2 affair at a Catholic church in Georgetown. All the flowers will come from Catherine’s mother’s garden.

How They Met: On the Hill, where Travis was a staffer and Catherine was interning.

First Date: “On the last day of Catherine’s internship, I invited her to a party at my house, but I hadn’t actually planned a party. After she agreed to come, I called all my friends and forced them to come.”

How He Proposed: After a weekend in a rented cabin outside Charlottesville, Va.

When She Knew: The first date. “It’s hard to resist a nice guy with Southern charm.”

Family Traditions: She’ll wear her mom’s cameo ring, a gift from her aunt on Mom’s wedding day.