In May I’m going to Montana for the wedding of my niece. Although the ceremony will be at a church, the reception is billed as a “barn dance.” Should I show up in western wear, such as denim skirts and boots? — Marielle

Manolo says, sadly, the Manolo usually only gets invited to the stuffy formal weddings with the 15 pink bridesmaids, accompanying the bride-zilla in the pouffy giant dress with the 30-feet-long train.

How much more fun it would be to go the Country of the Big Sky for the cowboy wedding. How much better to see the groom ride up on his horse Leroy, hop off and swagger into church to await his betrothed, delivered to the altar in the chuck wagon, driven by her “Pa,” Snuffy.

Weddings are to be the joyous occasions, why should they not also be the little bit entertaining? And what could be more entertaining than barn-dance reception? And if you are attending, why not get into the spirit of the occasion by dressing, at least the little bit, for the part. This does not mean that you have to buckle on the six guns, nor wear the Hoss Cartwright 10-gallon hat. Just the smidgen of Santa Fe is enough.

Manolo says, every girl needs the cowboy boots, and not just for the Montana wedding. Here is the N9290 from Lucchese ($431,, the pair of tall boots that are handsome without being too costumey.