We love to imitate the characters on retro TV programs. (See: Banana Republic’s “Mad Men” collection.)

And now there’s a new retro show to inspire us: “Magic City” (Starz, Fridays, 10 p.m.), spinning a tale of a rich hotel owner (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, above) who hooks up with Jewish gangsters in 1959 Miami to quash the union that has the nerve to picket outside the hotel to demand fair wages.

Here’s how to get into the “Magic City” spirit:

Wear bathrobes! They’re easy to slip into if you’re a nude sleeper and you’ve just awakened from a disturbing dream in which dead men hover underwater near a Cadillac. And they’re easy to doff if you’re a hot wife and your hot lover is hiding in a car outside your house.

Decorate with gilded sconces, gilt-trimmed tables and sparkling chandeliers! Yes, the Louis Quatorze look is back!

Telephone etiquette: If your gal is playing with a dog by the pool and the dog is barking and you’re on the phone and you can’t hear … then stride out to the pool and shoot the dog and explain, “I’M ON THE PHONE.”

On second thought, maybe I’ll stick to the “Mad Men” collection.