Blogs can be tough work. Not the personal-journal kind, where you detail last night’s meal, but the regularly updated professional-looking type you have to maintain on time not spent on work, family, etc.

D.C.’s music blog does a great job of highlighting buzzworthy MP3s and videos with short blurbs, but main men Raul Zahir de Leon and Victor Alejándro Aguilar, above left and right, also produce high-quality, expertly edited live videos of local and touring bands. (The site is heavy on indie rock, but the duo’s tastes run the gamut.)

De Leon and Aguilar will have their cameras in hand at 9 p.m. this Saturday night for “AON Presents: Volume 3” at Montserrat House (2016 9th St. NW). The concert celebrates the redesign of the 4-year-old and features three great local bands who share the site’s dedication to DIY culture: improv-rockers Plums, instrumental post-rockers Buildings and lo-fi crunchers Sun Wolf.

Do the guys a favor when you see them: Offer to hold their cameras so they can raise a glass to all their hard work.