Give life a jump start with Skydive Orange.

There’s not much danger to be found sitting behind a desk all day. Not the “oops, NSFW” kind; the kind that makes you really feel alive. Sure, some of us get that brush-with-death rush on our morning bike commute. But sometimes you’ve got to just live on the edge. We’ve rounded up a few ways to get your blood pumping.

Be Prepared: G4S International Training Inc. is a sprawling campus in rural Virginia covered with junker cars and dudes who look like they know how to handle guns. And they do! Their open-enrollment courses are meant to appeal to wusses looking for a jolt (or those dutifully preparing for the apocalypse). Go out for a full-day class on firing various guns, or learn to handle an attempted carjacking. Or, if that sounds too intensive, keep your eye out for a re-up of a now sold-out Living Social coupon that gets you a sampler platter of target practice, evasive driving training and a simulated hostage situation. Warning: you will have to sign a piece of paper stating that you are “not a fugitive from justice.”

G4S, 1536 International Drive, Shacklefords, Va.; 804-785-6000.

Take the Leap: If you tumble out of a commercial airliner you’re probably a goner. But jumping out of a small plane is another story. Tandem skydiving, in which a licensed instructor is attached to your back making sure you don’t die, is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to get the biggest adrenaline rush of your life.

Skydive Orange, 11339 Bloomsbury Rd, Orange, Va.; 540-943-6587.