When the Mega Millions jackpot hit a record $640 million last month, I thought as much about what I would do with the money as I did about whether I would take the smaller lump sum or the yearly payouts.

I didn’t win, so my dream of putting my favorite shows on a network where ratings don’t matter will have to wait. Then I remembered that “Arrested Development” is coming to Netflix next year, which is sort of like saying we all won the lottery.

Last week, Netflix announced that all 10 new “Arrested Development” episodes will premiere simultaneously, like a lump sum of frozen Bluth bananas. Fans can devour them all at once or wait, creating their own viewing schedule.

The move acknowledges a shift in overall viewer habits since “Arrested Development” went off the air in 2006, while also recognizing that the marathon method is likely how most fans saw the show in the first place. I watched in spurts when it originally aired on Fox, but I didn’t see the series in full until years later, on DVD.

So, in this case, there’s no deliberation: I’ll take my “Arrested Development” in a lump sum, please.