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As much as we love books, the little buggers take up a lot more space than Kindles. With minimalism being all the rage right now (or is that just in our pint-size apartment?), Miron Lior’s I Conceal angled bookshelf ($35, Umbra) cures your storage woes. Mount the wooden wonder to your wall in a “W” or “7” formation, then store tomes on the hidden brackets. Now you can spend less time rearranging your space and more time, oh, finishing “Moby Dick.”

Hot to Trot
And they’re off. Almost. Next Saturday marks the 138th Kentucky Derby, and though we’ve heard horses can be found there, all eyes will be on the near-nauseating preppy attire. Vineyard Vines (1225 Wisconsin Ave. NW; 202-625-8463) helps you blend into the sea of seersucker with a limited-edition Kentucky Derby collection of suits for men (shown, $395) and silk horseshoe-print dresses for women ($285). A jockey shirt-print bow-tie ($50) would also go well with your fifth mint julep.

Bun Times
We’re going to try our hardest not to make any butt puns here. Columbia Heights’ Le Caprice D.C. Cafe and Bakery (3460 14th St. NW; 202-290-3109) has received raves for its we-must-be-in-France baguettes. And the hamburger buns aren’t far behind. (Well, we tried). Similar to brioche, they’re fluffy with a hint of oil and dusted with buttery sesame seeds.  Grab a package ($5 for 6) on your way to a grill-out and be hailed a BBQ hero.

Grow Your Greens
the average date of the last frost in D.C.? May 1. Which means you might, instead, want to plant veggies and herbs on a windowsill with Potting Shed’s Creation’s Grow Boxes ($40 each, Greencupboards). The slender metal containers come with bamboo water-catching saucers plus seeds for either sprouts (mustard, radish, chrysanthemum) or veggies (cabbage, mini carrot, tom-thumb pea).

Fuzz Off
you didn’t spend all winter toning your calves at Spin class only to hide them beneath leg hair. And if you did, our bad. For everyone else there’s Bliss’ Wax to the Max set ($55, Blissworld). The multi-piece kit contains the same products used in the venerable salon and can be smeared on any pesky patches of facial or body hair. We can’t promise it will be any less painful than at the salon, but at least you can wince in the privacy of your own home.