“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” opening Friday, follows a bunch of retired Brits who move to India for their golden years. Things turn out to be a little more ramshackle than expected, but everyone learns valuable lessons, which often happens in movie hotels.

Regent Beverly Wilshire
There are plenty of examples of luxury in 1990’s “Pretty Woman,” but nothing sums up pampering like the padded elevator bench that impressed Julia Roberts — and us.

Holiday Inn
In this 1942 musical classic, in which the song “White Christmas” debuted, Bing Crosby opens his hotel only on holidays — including Lincoln’s birthday, which is celebrated with a minstrel show. Maybe fast-forward through that part.

The Overlook
You’ll come to the hotel from 1980’s “The Shining” for the seclusion, beautiful scenery, peace and quiet. You’ll stay for the terrifying hedge maze, murderous ghosts and elevators filled with blood.

Bates Motel
It’s too bad Janet Leigh didn’t have GPS in her car in 1960’s “Psycho.” Then she might have found a nice Motel 6 to stay in rather than stopping at Norman Bates’ creepy motel.

Park Hyatt Tokyo
Big-city hotels often embody a special glamour, and that’s true in 2003’s “Lost in Translation.” The bar where Bill Murray hangs out is real, and is at the top of this 52-floor skyscraper.