HBO has cut short “The Life & Times of Tim,” and this time, it’s for good. After canceling the animated series in 2010, HBO about-faced and brought it back for a third season last year. But amid the buzz for “Girls” and “Veep,” “Tim” finally ran out of lives.

Essentially a cartoon “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the series followed Tim (creator Steve Dildarian), a 20-something New Yorker working a crappy corporate job. In each episode, Tim got himself into awkward situations, then dug himself deeper and deeper into a hole until he had no way out.

Fortuitously, the show ended on a fitting note. With Omnicorp, Tim’s corporate overlords, facing a PR disaster, Tim is ordered out of the country while the company rebrands with a new name. Workers are taking the Omnicorp signage down from the building when Tim walks out for the final time. He looks up, sighs and realizes a giant O is hurling toward him. Cue his “Oh [expletive]” and cut to the credits.

Like “The Sopranos’” famed cut to black, we may never know whether Tim lived or died. Then again, as Hank Williams sang in the show’s theme song, Tim never had a chance: “No matter how I struggle and strive/ I’ll never get out of this world alive.”