Godfrey doesn’t consider himself an urban comic. “My style of comedy is very global,” he says. “It’s not, ‘Hey, there’s a black comic.’ I’m just a comedian, really.” Which explains the title of his most recent Comedy Central special, “Black by Accident.” In it, the 42-year-old riffs on the weather, New York City’s subway system, women and whatever else comes to mind.

Do you feel like you have to speak in black and white terms sometimes?
You have to use certain terms to paint a picture for people. It’s really strange, I have to bring up color in order to make it colorless.

Your Web series, “The Village Idiot,” mixes stand-up and man-on-the-street. Why do an online show?
Zach Galifianakis gave me that idea. It’s kind of improvised. I go on stage not preparing the audience. If they’re laughing, they’re laughing. They notice the cameras, but I don’t tell them.

When you’re in D.C., are you compelled to talk politics?
It really depends how I feel that night. I may talk about [how I’m] Nigerian, because there’s a huge Nigerian population in D.C. I’d talk about that more than politics.

You’re pretty good at impressions, especially of Jason Statham, Denzel Washington and President Obama.
I’m not considered an impersonator because it’s a little cheesy, but I like to throw it out. It’s almost like a bonus track.

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