The campy late-’60s soap “Dark Shadows” gets the Tim Burton treatment this week, with Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins. Collins is turned into a vampire, then gets dug up and visits his descendants. If he’s an annoying houseguest, there are ways to get rid of him.

In 1998’s “Blade,” the titular character has lots of ways to off his brethren (he’s half-vampire). One of the best is garlic, which sends them into anaphylactic shock. Next time you fly with a vampire, request a garlic-free flight.

Deer Antlers
In the 1987 horror film “The Lost Boys,” the standard tropes hold. But wall-mounted antlers make a nice stake-substitute, as Kiefer Sutherland’s David learns the hard way.

Unlawful Entry
In the 2008 Swedish film “Let the Right One In,” preteen-looking vampire Eli bleeds profusely if she goes into a house without an invitation. So she’s rarely invited back.

UV Bullets
In 2003’s “Underworld,” the Lycans (that would be werewolves) develop a bullet that contains UV rays, so suddenly a gun actually IS effective against vampires. Unfortunately, the vamps develop silver-tipped bullets of their own, and the arms race is on.

Slash and Burn
With their super-healing powers, the “Twilight” series’ glittering vampires are hard to kill. Rip them limb from limb and burn the pieces, or they’ll stitch themselves back together.