After four years of hard work, I’m finally graduating with a degree in Renaissance Studies. I already have a job lined up. (Yeah me!) Can you recommend a pair of shoes for the graduation ceremony, something fun? — Marielle

Manolo says, it is the time of the graduation, when the adult peoples don the ridiculous medieval gown and cap and listen to the speeches about boldly seizing the future.

“Today, as you go forth from this place to boldly seize the future, remember what you have learned here in this institution, both in the classroom and out of it. Indeed, some of you will never forget what you learned just two weeks ago, during the aftermath of Fraternity Row’s Monster Spring Bash and Riot.

“And now, let me take a moment to give a special welcome to our official guests sitting among you in the audience, the sheriff’s deputies, parole officers and bail bondsmen, whose recent tireless efforts have made this joyous occasion possible.”

Ayyy! The life of the mind!

As for what shoes to wear, because your graduation outfit will be covered by the black gown of drabness, you will need something that “pops” as you walk across the stage, the statement shoes that will help you boldly stride into the seizable future.

Here is the Nealla from Pour la Victoire in the bold lilac ($260, It is also available in coral, and taupe for those who may be more timid.