Andrew, 27, is soon to enroll in grad school. Alison, 30, is a lawyer who drafts legislation for the U.S. Senate. They live in Rosslyn.

The Main Event: They’ll say their vows May 19.

How They Met: On A few days later, they agreed to meet.

First Impressions: “I was immediately smitten with her lush, thick, huge, wild mane of hair.”

First Date: Dinner at Bar Pilar.

How he Proposed: He asked her during a walk in the woods after a raptor festival, but she didn’t say yes for an hour. “I needed some time to process it,” Alison says. “That doesn’t mean I’m any less excited to marry him.”

Most Hated Clothing Item: His T-shirt printed with a WMATA map. “It’s so shrunken and deformed you can see his belly button.”

Pet Names: She calls him “Barnacle” and he calls her “Starfish.”

Stupidest Fight: When he ate her lunch, lasagna leftovers, for breakfast. “He asked how he was supposed to know I had laid claim to it. I asked him who eats lasagna for breakfast.” “Sometimes I eat unconventional breakfasts,” he says.