Kristen, 24, is a law student. Matt, 24, is an elementary school educator. They will live in Vienna.

The Main Event: They will wed June 2 in Kristen’s hometown of Ainsworth, Neb.

How They Met: At a coffee shop in Jordan. They tried to keep their relationship platonic, since he was Australian and she was American. “Love doesn’t work over 16 time zones,” Kristen says.

First Date: While on a Fulbright in Egypt, she went to visit him on her break.

First Kiss: “I had planned for it to be at the airport with some roses, but it turned out to be in my garage when we got to my place.”

How he Proposed: In front of the first Christmas tree they decorated together. “He came to America to take care of me during law school finals because he knew I wouldn’t.”

Stupidest Fight: She got angry at him for something he did to her in a dream she had.