I’ve been invited to spend Memorial Day weekend with my boyfriend’s family in the Hamptons. The trouble is, I’m a poor working girl. Can you please recommend some summery flat sandals that will look good enough to impress these people without bankrupting me? — Molly

Manolo says, as always, the Manolo suggests saving your monies and buying the most super fantastic shoes one can afford, for such purchases will give the most satisfaction over the long term, in comfort, beauty and admiration from those who know quality when they see it.

But the Manolo also sympathizes with the poor girls, who must work the double shifts at their dismal dreary jobs in the new media sweatshops, posting on the corporate blogs and Twittering and Facebooking all day long for the Man.

Indeed, the Manolo knows exactly what it is like to be poor, so poor that you must fashion your own super fantastic, impress-the-rich-people-in-the-Hamptons sandals out of strangely colored shells and tangled fishing line you have collected near the wastewater outlet pipe that discharges near the pier under which you are sleeping.

And so he would recommend you the Gwyneth from Sam Edelman ($80, Zappos.com) as being the moderately priced, cutely blingish flat sandals that will keep the people of the Hamptons moderately appeased. It comes in the black, the silver and, our pick, the natural brownish hue.