Michael, 31, is an editor and writer. Mary, 30, is a freelance writer. They live in Southeast D.C.

The Main Event: They will wed June 15, outdoors, in the evening. There will be lawn games, readings by poet Pablo Neruda and Bob Dylan songs for the processional.

How They Met: As MFA students at the University of Arizona.

First Impressions: “He seemed to take writing very seriously.”

First Date: “I made him go see ‘Step Up 2’ at the dollar theater. He pretended to enjoy it.”

How he Proposed: On their third anniversary, after seven courses at the Inn at Little Washington.

Pet Names: She calls him “You,” he calls her “Woozy.”

When He Knew: After they started living together. “I was thinking of moving and wanted to take her with me, wherever I went, and then I realized what that meant.”