Steve, 27, is a software developer. Emalee, 25, works for the government. They live in Arlington.

The Main Event: A destination wedding on Captiva Island, Fla. Guests will ride a trolley from the beach ceremony to cocktail hour and reception.

How They Met: At a Halloween party at James Madison University that his fraternity organized.

First Date: He took her to his fraternity’s winter formal a few months later.

First Kiss: On the staircase during the winter formal. “She acted like she was going to whisper something into my ear but kissed me instead, and I didn’t object.”

How he Proposed: At Willow Restaurant in Arlington, also the place where they had their first “real” post-college date.

Family Traditions: Emalee, her mother and Emalee’s younger sisters (who are twins) will be wearing pearl bracelets made from their grandmother’s pearls.

When She Knew: While on a trip with her mom. “She was telling me about her love with  my dad when she knew he was the one and I realized that was exactly the way I felt about  Steve.”