“L.A. Complex” is a made-in-Canada show about young Canadians trying to make it in Hollywood. The series came to the CW in April and set a record … for least-watched premiere of a network drama during the regular season: only 646,000 viewers.

That’s too bad, because “L.A. Complex” is the raunchiest, funniest, most out-there drama on TV. It’s got a hip-hop star (Andra Fuller, above left) with a secret boyfriend (Benjamin Charles Watson, above right); they end up smoking weed with middle-aged B&B owners.

It’s got an aspiring dancer who makes a sex tape. “Name one person who didn’t benefit from a sex tape,” she says. Um, her. She’s regected for a music video for tweens. Her agent promises lucrative personal appearances, except “so far, no one’s called.”

And it’s got a married dentist who gives mom’s fake pearls to an actress and says, “If you could just wear them in one scene it would mean a lot to me” … and you know he DOES NOT MEAN A SCENE IN A MOVIE!

The season finale airs Tuesday, 9 p.m. The CW is on the fence about renewal. But Canada will air Season 2. CW, you better commit or I’ll have to move to Halifax!