In “Bachelorette,” now playing at the Studio Theatre, four women (from left, Jessica Love, Dylan Moore and Laura C. Harris, plus Tracy Lynn Olivera, not pictured) convene in a swanky hotel the night before one of them gets married — and all hell proceeds to break loose. We got the actresses together to talk parties, friendship and the movie version of “Bachelorette,” out in June (and directed by Leslye Headland, who also wrote the play).

So, the play isn’t really about a bachelorette party at all.
Love: It’s not “Bachelorette Party,” it’s “Bachelorette.” It sets up the expectation that the play will revolve around this character who doesn’t appear until the third act. It sets up this lacuna in the middle of the room that everyone’s maneuvering around.

The way the women relate to their friends is so vitriolic and backbiting.
Moore: I don’t think any of these people hate each other. After a couple glasses of wine, every woman alive has said some really horrible things.

Olivera: I think we’ve all had frenemies at one point or another.

Moore: Talking [expletive] does not mean you hate somebody.

Will you all go see the movie together?
Love: The movie’s going to be very different. It takes place over several days, I think, but [the play] is one night.

Harris: I’d like to see it afterwards.

Olivera: We should make it a reunion!

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