Chris Gethard called his first book “A Bad Idea I’m About to Do,” which might as well be his mantra. Gethard, a storyteller, an improv comic and the host of the bizarre New York public access/Web series “The Chris Gethard Show,” relishes awkward and odd experiences. A former writer for Weird NJ magazine, Gethard used to scour New Jersey for ghosts and urban legends.

But that pales in comparison to what the boyish comedian is calling his worst idea yet: walking from Los Angeles to Manchester, Tenn., with no money, no phone and no idea of what he’s getting himself into. Gethard’s endgame is to make it to Bonnaroo by June 7, where he’ll stage “The Chris Gethard Show” live at 2 a.m.

Gethard started his 2,000-mile trek Tuesday and, technically, he’s not alone. A camera crew is documenting the trip (on Bonnaroo’s YouTube channel and on Twitter), but they’re not allowed to help — even if he’s in the desert and has no water.

Instead, Gethard must rely on the kindness of strangers — 200 of whom have emailed offers to help out.

And if he makes it out alive, Gethard at least has a title for his next book: “The Worst Idea I Ever Did.”