Byron, 29, is a youth advocacy coordinator. Gabrielle, 28, is a program director. They live in Alexandria.

The Main Event: They’ll jump the broom June 2 in a chapel on Howard University’s campus.

How They Met: On Facebook.

First Impressions: “He was handsome and persistent.” She was “cute and kind of nerdy.”

First Date: Dinner at Sala Thai.

How he Proposed: After a long day at work, he took her back to Sala Thai. “After dinner, I turned to go into my purse for something, and turned back around to find him down on one knee and smiling.”

Stupidest Fight: Over how much spice to put in a low-country shrimp and okra recipe. “She said I was not using the right measurements. I said, ‘I’m Southern! I’m freestyling it!’”

Celebrating Heritage: Gabrielle’s aunt is making a Trinidadian “black cake,” a traditional cake soaked in rum.