John, 40, is a bookkeeper. Amy, 34, works for the Department of Education. They live in Edgewater, Md. 

The Main Event: June 22 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. As befits a shoes-optional beach wedding, he’ll be wearing shorts and a Tommy Bahama T-shirt.

How They Met: At West End Grill in Annapolis, during trivia night.

First Impressions: “She was smart.” “He was nice, but I wasn’t sure.”

First Date: A trip to D.C. “We went to that pointy monument, whatever that is,” John says.

First Kiss: At Dock Street Bar in Annapolis. “I said, ‘Really, do you want this to be where we have our first kiss?’” says Amy. He went for it anyway.

How He Proposed: At an ugly- sweater Christmas party in front of her friends. All her friends tried to get her to remove the sweater with the reindeer on the shoulder before he popped the question. No luck.

Stupidest Fight: “John got so mad at me for eating a tuna salad on a plane. He said it was rude to eat smelly food and didn’t speak to me for hours.”

When He Knew: “I knew right away that she had a good heart.”