Socorro, 28, works in HR for the government. Stephanie, 25, is an ASL interpreter. They live in Washington.

The Main Event: They’re getting married on June 18 (a Monday!) in a spiritual ceremony in Kona, Hawaii. The legal paperwork will be filed just prior to that in D.C.

How They Met: At the Pour House in Capitol Hill.

First Date: Dinner, then a trip to Gravelly Point to watch the airplanes take off.

First Kiss: In Socorro’s car, “in front of some men who were hooting and hollering at us,” she says.

How She Proposed: Stephanie proposed at Gravelly Point. “It was the moment when there were no secrets between us,” Socorro says. She proposed back at Virginia beach — the site of their first camping trip together.

Our Song: Beyoncé’s “Halo.” “I wrote her a letter with some of the lyrics on it,” Stephanie says. “She was the first and only person I felt safe letting my guard down around.”

Stupidest Fight: Stephanie: “We argued about who would wear which shoes.”

Family Traditions: They’ll play “la vibora de la mar,” a wedding game popular in Mexico in which the couple stand on chairs, forming an arch, and guests form a line to run underneath.