Royal Plush
Queen Elizabeth fetes her Diamond Jubilee this weekend! Huzzah?! We didn’t know what that meant, either, but apparently, HRM (who ascended the British throne in 1942) gets a yearlong party, culminating in a boat parade Sunday in London. Foundry’s Union Jack pillows (shown, $129-$189; 1522 U St. NW; 571-277-5245) also subtly pay homage to the monarchy with plaid crisscrosses. Whether you lounge on the puffs to watch Liz on the telly or lean back on ’em to sip tea is your call.

Sweet Confusion
Cookies, if you aren’t a vegan, tend to be made with butter. So Trader Joe’s new Cookie Butter ($4, Trader Joe’s) kind of messes with our sanity. How could a spread be at once a baked good and a dairy product? Is this what people snack on in wormholes? Based on a Dutch recipe, the peanut butter-like substance is made of oil and ground-up gingerbread cookies. It tastes sweet and has an appealing sticky texture. Like its nutty-spread twin, it works well in sandwiches, on waffles or by the spoonful.

The Past Is Pleasant
A punker-gone-boho sensibility rules New York designer Corey Lynn Calter’s retro summer line. So it’s no surprise that Goodwood (1428 U St. NW; 202-986-3640)— which boasts a similar mindset — just picked up the line. Styles equally suited to music fests and dinner parties include striped, picnic-hemmed dresses (shown, $232), flapperish blouses ($134) and high-waisted, wide-legged navy pants with nautical buttons that’d, well, rock on most bods.

A Head of the Game
Safety should always come first. Unless, of course, there’s a safe and cool-looking option. Enter Fohawx helmet attachments. Inspired by her 7-year-old-son who refused to wear his safety headgear because it wasn’t hip enough, founder Jocelyn Fine created the Mohawk-like add-ons, which come in hues like yellow, pink and blue and use extra-strength Velcro to stay in place ($19,

Suit Suds
The only thing that belongs on your bathing suit is sand, water or sun. Keep it that way with Roux Maison’s swimwear laundry detergent ($14.50 for a set of three 1 oz. bottles, The fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic formula comes in BPA-less bottles, the better to help maintain a suit’s elasticity, color and shape sans pesky residue. Chlorine, salt, oils and sunblock don’t stand a chance against the concentrated soap, meaning you’ll spend more time on the volleyball court, not hunched over a sink.