Blade A
Though fans both ceiling and tabletop do a good job of cooling your digs, they usually do very little to make them LOOK cool. The Stadler Form OTTO Fan ($200, whirs together a bamboo exterior with steel workings and grates. The resulting breeze-maker not only gives you a chill, it also conjures up a sort of Don Draper-meets-The Avengers vibe.

Walk the Lines
Seersucker, the trad, physically cooling striped fabric, shows up on many old-school politicos and stars in Saturday’s retro bike ride and afterparty, the Seersucker Social ( Ked’s new line of men’s and women’s shoes also toes the trad lines, putting different color combos —white and blue, white and red, etc. — on kicks like girly sneakers (shown, $50) and espadrilles ($55) plus preppy-yet-hip dude’s boat shoes ($55).

Stress Test
Performance reviews and calls with mom don’t stand a chance against Aveda’s new Stress Fix line ( Sprinkle the sugar and mineral-rich bath salts into a warm tub and you’ll be met with lavender and sage, clinically proven to quiet the mind ($40). A concentrated oil version ($22) means you can take zen to go.

Cool on The Hill?
There are merits to donning a white linen suit or seersucker jacket for work when temps get surface-of-Venus boiling. But well-priced custom tailor Alton Lane (1506 19th St. NW; 646-896-1212) throws a new, less Tom Wolfe-on-the-veranda option into guys’ summer cubicle-wear with its sharkskin line (suit, shown, $695). Pants, jackets and other items come in the blue, cool, worsted fabric that boasts a slight sheen, not unlike that of the cool, nonworsted hammerhead you-know-what.

Batter, Up
An affirmation for anyone who’s ever snuck more than a spoonful of raw cookie dough, “The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook” ($19, Quirk Books) offers more than 50 recipes featuring the unbaked goodness as the star ingredient. Food blogger Lindsay Landis offers decadent treats (popsicles! Whoopie pies!) and even breakfast foods all based on an eggless batter formula that makes this indulgence less risky but just as guilty.