Now that warm weather is here, I’d love to start wearing sandals again. What’s stopping me is my very unattractive bunion. I need a cute, boho-style sandal that will hide this eyesore! — Paula

Manolo says, ayyyyy, it is the attack of the bunion, the reprehensible growth that can disfigure even the most aesthetically pleasing of feets.

Indeed, one day your feets are looking so svelte and ladylike and the next, it is as if some medieval peasant has shucked off her muddy hobnailed boots and revealed to the world her monstrous deformity, the throbbing, veiny growth that promises to swallow up entire villages, leave husbands widower-ed and children orphaned.

Well, perhaps the Manolo has exaggerated for effect. But, still, to those unfortunates who have developed the bunions it certainly feels as your briefly youthful summer as the sandal-wearing, hottie-momma has ended, and henceforth it will be nothing but the sort of sensible orthopeadic shoes favored by aging nuns and stout, middle-school PE teachers who are forced to dress up for graduation.

Again, the Manolo has exaggerated. Actually, bunions, although painful, are not the end of the world. Many very stylish famous young women, such as Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and super model Iman, are be-bunioned, without seeming to affect showing their feet in public.

Here is Halen from Vince Camuto ($98,, the hottie-momma, espadrille-ish, platform sandal that will cover up your shame.