Hey! What a wonderful kind of day it will be tomorrow. PBS KIDS GO! airs a new episode of its animated sitcom “Arthur,” with Joan Rivers giving voice to Francine’s grandma Bubbe. And that’s not just good news for kids. On Facebook, “Arthur” has nearly a million fans. Fifty-six percent are between the ages of 18 and 24. Other viewers are parents like me who watched when their kids were little and, years later, still tune in.

Rivers kicks off the June 15 show with a monologue on the “great things” about old age: “It’s cheaper to ride the bus and any time can be naptime, especially when somebody’s boring you to tears.”

Then comes a segment called “Grandpa Dan’s Memory Album.” Facing memory loss, Arthur’s beloved grandpa forgets his grandson’s name. Arthur is crushed. His bossy little sister D.W. chimes in, “Arthur isn’t a very memorable name.” Bubbe reassures him: No matter what, “your grandpa will always be your grandpa,” heartfelt words that somehow make things better. That’s why grown-ups love the show. It’s funny, sweet and true-to-life, even if Arthur is an aardvark and Bubbe is an ape.