I’d been to Bonnaroo before, but this year was the first time I tried to attend as many comedy shows as concerts at the annual music and arts festival in Manchester, Tenn.

Every comic handles Bonnaroo differently, but the festival manages to work its way into almost everyone’s set. Comedy Central was there to document it with “CC: Stand-Up: The Bonnaroo Experience,” a best-of special airing Saturday at 11:30 p.m.

“30 Rock’s” Judah Friedlander, right, took to crowd work, interacting with the audience. “WTF” podcaster Marc Maron got into the spirit with a story about taking psychedelic drugs before a Jerry Garcia concert in college. And Reggie Watts improvised an entire set around Bonnaroo and Tennessee, singing a song about how “You have to see Bon Iver at Bonnaroo.”

But no comedian offered as quintessential a Bonnaroo moment as Moshe Kasher. He said that during Radiohead, he saw a man who was so entranced by the show, that the guy couldn’t leave it to use the restroom. Instead, the man urinated right there — his eyes locked on the stage.

I thought Kasher was just telling a joke, but later that night I saw the same thing happen. Only at Bonnaroo.