Moms can feel comfortable about integrating antsy babies into their exercises.

The exercisers who show up at Kathy Corbey’s 4,000-square-foot studio in Ashburn, Va., don’t just bring water bottles. They’re also toting sippy cups and strollers.

What It Is: “Women in this area want to have their kids with them, but they also want to have a tough workout,” Corbey says. She’s taught group exercise classes for 20-plus years, but didn’t decide to focus on pre- and postnatal moms until after she gained 70 pounds with her first pregnancy and 45 with her second. “It’s important for moms to have a place where they can go and take the baby and get back in shape because it’s not just a physical thing, but how you feel mentally,” Corbey says. She began Mommy Bootcamp classes six years ago, and just opened her own studio called — you guessed it — Mommy Bootcamp.

Class Lineup: Corbey’s signature offering is a mix of cardio, strength and core work. There’s also the butts-and-guts-focused BOOTY-Camp, BabyBelly Fitness (a prenatal low-impact class) and Mommy & Me Fitness, in which Corbey turns the tots into props. “Use the baby weight to lose the baby weight,” she says. Dads can join moms for free at the aptly named Saturday Insanity classes.

Workout: The structure and difficulty varies by class, but Corbey is a fan of tabata training. That’s a high-intensity format in which participants repeat one move as often as they can for 20 seconds (although she usually has students go for 30), take a 10-second breather and go again for a total of six sets.

Moves: One Corbey favorite is “squat hops”: Squat with wide legs, jump up from the lowered stance and return to it when you land. “You’re working your quads, your glutes and you’re also getting cardio,” she says. She’s also big on booty kicks, which involve holding onto a step platform with wide arms and kicking up and back with your feet together. Too out-of-shape or pregnant to pull that off? Classes are often taught by multiple instructors to show several modifications simultaneously.

Crowd: Molly McMahon of Reston has been a Corbey devotee for more than two years, since her third baby was 18 months old. “I felt like I got one hour a day to myself without leaving my kids,” McMahon says. Moms frequently bring dads along, so it’s not unusual to see guys sweating it out, too. Chaz Reynolds of Sterling just warns that the experience can be humbling: “You’re having a hard time keeping pace with some of these women who are pregnant or have just given birth.”

Class passes cost $160 for 20 or $100 for 10 and never expire. Parents can have unlimited access to the Ashburn, Va., studio at 21770 Beaumeade Circle, Suite 130 for $65 per month. Child care is free. Infants stay in strollers next to Mom and Dad; kids 18 months and older play in a room at one end of the studio. More info at