"Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop splitting rails."

Honest Abe gets even cooler Friday with the release of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” in which pre-prez Lincoln fights the undead. The film enshrines him on a veritable Mount Rushmore of cinematic commanders in chief.

Thomas Whitmore
Did you know that James Madison is the only sitting president who rode into battle? Well, except for Bill Pullman’s chief executive in 1996’s “Independence Day,” who flies a fighter jet to combat aliens.

Andrew Shepherd
Aaron Sorkin may not know D.C. geography (his shows and movies are notorious for screwing it up), but he can write some great speeches, like the ones Michael Douglas delivers in 1995’s “The American President.”

James Marshall
We hear Air Force One is a pretty nice ride. The 1997 actioner “Air Force One,” starring Harrison Ford, is as well, with Ford as a president who takes matters into his own punching hands when terrorists seize his plane.

Merkin Muffley
Governing during a crisis is par for the course for presidents, but Peter Sellers in 1964’s “Dr. Strangelove” gets to govern during a full-scale nuclear war. Which is difficult, it turns out.

Bill Mitchell
In 1993’s “Dave,” the feel-goodiest D.C. movie since “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” Kevin Kline plays Mitchell, a horrible president who has a stroke and is replaced by a look-alike who’s better at just about everything.