Over the Moonshine
Think of Spodee as the Converse sneakers of liquor: It goes with just about everything. The moonshine wine was clandestinely brewed during the Great Depression and mixed with whatever was lying around — fruits, spices, herbs — by boozehounds who were too broke to afford the good stuff. New York’s White Mule Farms’ version of the buzzy elixir — which clocks in at 36 proof and comes in a retro milk bottle — makes for sweet sipping alone, on the rocks or mixed with soda, more commonly known as a Spodee and sodee, of course ($12, Spodeewine.com).

Counter, Serviced
Anyone who says they adore washing pots and pans needs psychological evaluation — or a behind-the-scenes gig on “Chopped.” But Joseph Joseph’s new Arena dish dryer (shown, $45, Tabletop, 1608 20th St. NW; 202-387-7117) at least makes the onerous suds-and-rinse cycle more attractive. The plastic amphitheater for Fiestaware et al. features pop-up rubber holders for mugs, plates and utensils. It’s among a slew of kitchen gadgets by the NYC company currently at Tabletop, including a rocking garlic mincer ($18) and colorful mini-colanders ($8).

Fashion Buffs
If you see a stampede of stylish guys and girls running down 14 Street, don’t be alarmed. They’re heading to D.C.’s first Buffalo Exchange, the inimitable second-hand/vintage chain (1318 14 St. NW, 202-299-9148). We found a pristine evening gown from the ’50s for $12, a badass leather vest for $17 and more summer dresses under $20 than you can shake a pricing gun at.

Board Shortage
Grandma’s Scrabble set didn’t stand up to the surf at that Dewey Beach share, and playing Draw Something on a romantic weekend away seems anti-social. DwellStudio’s burlap backgammon or checker/chess games ($35 each, Dwellstudio.com) bring back face-to-face competition. The old-timey diversions roll up for easy transport and come with rustic wooden dice and draughts.

A Handle On Things
Cruelty-free makeup brushes from Everyday Minerals are made of bamboo handles and soft synthetic hair for even product distribution with a sustainable touch (Everydayminerals.com). The fluffy-topped blender face brush (left, $13) is ideal for blush or bronzer and creates a seamless sun-kissed look while those with pretty peepers will love the eye Kabuki brush (right, $9).