Dalontée, 29, is in law enforcement. Micaela, 27, is a recruiting coordinator. They live in Clinton, Md.

The Main Event: They will be jumping the broom (literally) July 7 in Calverton, Md. They will also take their first communion as husband and wife during the ceremony.

How They Met: At a barbecue he hosted; her friend brought her along.

First Impressions: “Her smile and dimples lit up the entire room.” “He was tall and had sexy eyes.”

First Date: He drove out to Columbia to take her to a sushi restaurant during her lunch break.

How he Proposed: During a Christmas tour of the White House. He held her back in the Blue Room until they were alone, then popped the question. “Everyone at the doors started clapping and cheering for us,” she says.

Stupidest Fight: Over whether to put a rug in the kitchen. “I was trying to make the place feel like home, but the rug would not fly!” Micaela says.

When They Knew: He: “When we started finishing each other’s sentences.” She: “When Dalontée and I went to New York to visit my family and my grandmother told me she thought he was ‘the one.’”