Marissa, 29, is a marriage and family therapist. Michael, 30, is a policy analyst. They will live in D.C.

The Main Event: July 6 at a Miami hotel with 140 guests.

How They Met: Zengo happy hour. “I saw him from across the room and immediately noticed him.”

First Impressions: “We instantly bonded over our Caribbean connection,” says Marissa.

First Date: They agreed to have dinner at Zengo that very night. “It was the best miso-glazed cod I had ever had, with the most engaging person I had ever met,” says Michael.

First Kiss: After dinner at Fogo de Chao.

How he Proposed: At his place before dinner. When he got down on one knee, she shrieked “for three to five minutes,” says Michael. After she finally said yes, they left his apartment … only to realize that, in their excitement, they’d locked themselves out.

Stupidest Fight: Over who clogged the toilet.

Most Hated Clothing Item: His brown Puma sneakers.

Their Song: “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. “We love it because it captures the beauty of our relationship,” says Marissa.