My older sister booked a plum role in a local commercial and is heading to New York City to film it. She’s bringing me as her plus one so I need something that’s stylish yet sturdy since we will be sightseeing as well. — Eliza

Manolo says, ayyyyy! Celebrity attained! Your sister is now officially one of the Hollywood glitterati, by which the Manolo means she is (briefly) the working actor!

The Manolo, who counts many thespians among his close friends, knows the emotional toll the casting process takes on the aspiring actor. One minute you are down, down, down. The next you are up, up, up. And the cycle continues for as long as you stake your dreams on the chance of appearing before the camera in the starring role.

Thus, it is such a joy to be cast as the happiest housewife in America, the smiling woman who achieves orgasmic heights of ecstasy when mopping floors with the newest, most improvedest iteration of the Mop-n-Shine.

Ridiculous, yes, but it (briefly) beats waiting tables at that fancy foodie gastropub, where all of the rich, annoying diners coo over $28 plates of macaroni and cheese (with white truffles and argan oil).

Here is the Romana from Pikolino ($148,, the comfortable walking shoe with the witty style that makes the Manolo happy. The slip-on-slip-off backs make it the most practical choice for the get-up-and-go tourist.