What’s a band to do after it records an album but doesn’t have a label to release it? Head out and tour Japan. That’s what Sterling, Va.’s Tideland did in late May and early June, five months after it had finished its second album, “Lull.”

The trio features members of the punk bands Pg. 99, Sail and Pizza, but Tideland’s sound is more indie, more atmospheric — more songs than snottiness. The group gives off the manic-but-melodic energy of early Dinosaur Jr. — plenty of whammy bar — with vocals that veer toward Modest Mouse’s nasal urgency. There was even a touch of grunge on Tideland’s 2010 debut, “Asleep in the Graveyard” (on the Robotic Empire label), but “Lull” eschews that ’90s vibe for another one from that era: shoegazing bliss.

Why no label has picked up the fantastic “Lull” is almost as big a mystery as how record labels even manage to still exist in 2012. But since Tideland knows it made an album that deserves to be heard, the band is streaming it on Tideland.bandcamp.com. Who needs a label?

Check out Tideland on Facebook at Facebook.com/TidelandVA.