Yesterday, after five days of derecho-induced darkness, the power in my neighborhood was finally restored. The first thing I did, after turning on the air conditioner, was boot up my computer, check my email, and look at your blog. After spending almost a week without power, what sort of shoes would you recommend for societal collapse? —Maria

Manolo says, that is easy! Whatever you can loot from the burned-out shell of Neiman Marcus!

In the post-apocalyptic future, Manolo expects the survivors to be exceedingly well-shod for the first few years, after which, we will have to make do with old Birkenstocks and burlap bags. It will be like living in the Middle Ages again.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, much more likely than total collapse will be the sort of disaster that will cause localized damage, short-term panic and disruption for a few days or weeks. Things such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornados, unexpected visits from Lindsay Lohan.

For this you will need kick-butt boots to protect your feet as you go about your business of rebuilding your neighborhood. (And, if the worst happens, you need something to help you crawl over the burning wreckage to get to Neiman Marcus.)

Here are the classic Frye 12 R W Engineer Boots ($228,, the perfect thing to wear with your post-apocalypse, “Mad Max” shoulder pads and leathers.