Oldie, Goodie!
Yes, 1990s fashions now get called vintage. But grunge-era flannel has nothing on the old, cool stock at Delray’s Amalgamated (1904 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria; 703-517-7373). Owner Shelley White (right), who has costumed such films and TV shows as “Boardwalk Empire,” sells men’s and women’s styles from the late-19th to mid-20th century, including flapper frocks and 1950s guy’s sport coats.

Sniff Tested
Spot would wag his tail even if he smelled of Eau du Rats and Garbage, but you prefer him a bit fresher. Eco-me, Target’s new line of earth-friendly canine cleaning products ($7-$11, Target), helps pooches get pleasant with ingredients such as citrus and lavender. The best friends of our somewhat-willing furry subjects Link and Sage gave high marks to grapefruit dry shampoo ($7) and a coat-smoothing conditioner.

Savanna Stylish
Africa isn’t just a safari destination, it’s also a home decor hot spot. Which explains why West Elm’s (Westelm.com) latest collaboration with artisans in countries from Congo to Swaziland stars mod-yet-earthy stuff such as Masai collars mounted as sculptures (on table, $90 each), benches upholstered in traditional Kuba cloth (shown, $500) and baskets woven of colorful cloth.

Cold News
Keurig Cups have revolutionized the way you enjoy your morning joe. (Piping hot coffee in under a minute minus the barista ‘tude? Amazing.) Summer-sippers, then, will be pleased to hear that the company has just released a line of bevs designed to be brewed over ice. The concentrated flavors include black tea, French vanilla coffee and sweet lemon iced tea ($17.50 for 22, Keurig.com).

About Face
If the best technologies in skincare combined powers with healing ingredients found in nature, the results would be the M-61 product line ($19-$74, M61labs.com). Developed by Bethesda resident and Bluemercury cofounder Marla Beck, the potions blend science (alpha-hydroxy acids, peptides) and holistic ingredients (tamarind, seaweed) in face washes, serums and moisturizers that mend.