In “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” out Friday, the reunited prehistoric beasts are set adrift on an iceberg and try to pretend they all won’t be extinct soon. When it comes to movies about survival in the face of environmental change, this is just the tip of the you-know-what.

1) The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
Global warming gets tired of the doubters and slaps the entire planet right across the face, leaving Jake Gyllenhaal trapped in New York. The city never sleeps, but it certainly freezes.

2) An Inconvenient Truth (2006)
The documentary won two Oscars (one for Best Original Song, weirdly) and made movie stars of both Al Gore and PowerPoint.

3) 2012 (2009)
The Mayans were right and John Cusack knows it in this action film. Earthquakes lead to mega tsunamis, but at least everyone on the planet now owns waterfront property.

4) Waterworld (1995)
In the not-too-distant future, the ice caps have melted, leading to the death of all the polar bears (noooo!) and the evolution of gill-sporting humans (yesss?).

5) Deep Impact (1998)
It’s the same old story: Asteroid meets planet, asteroid destroys planet. And if you don’t consider “asteroid” an environmental danger, there are some bones at the National Museum of Natural History that would disagree.