The "Spicy Pig" includes peanut butter, red pepper jelly, Sambal, prosciutto, bacon, potato chips and apple slices.

I almost wimped out when I ordered lunch two weeks ago from the Peanut Butter Jelly Time food truck. Fully aware that the menu included oddball options, I still spent a long time agonizing over whether to order a daring yet unappetizing-sounding sandwich, such as the ”PBJBLT” ($5; peanut butter, bacon, lettuce, tomato and red pepper jelly), or the very safe “Classic” ($3, or $5 for two; peanut butter and grape jelly). But I came to my senses and realized it would be ridiculous to pay even $3 for something I could make at home. Time to be bold! So I ordered the “Spicy Pig” ($6).

Before I tell you what’s in it, let me just say that, somehow, it tasted great. Here’s what sat between the two slices of wheat bread: creamy peanut butter, red pepper jelly, spicy Sambal (an Asian condiment made with chili), prosciutto, bacon, potato chips and apple slices. The blend of the Sambal, pepper jelly and peanut butter anchored the sandwich with a fiery, nutty base of flavor that complemented the sweet and salty stuff. Getting a taste of everything in a single bite reminded me of Thai food — which I love. There’s also a good mix of textures: crunchy apple and chips, chewy bacon, delicate prosciutto, gooey peanut butter.

All right, I know this sounds (and looks) like the work of a kindergartner. I only said it tasted good. I never said it was pretty.