Gaah, the summer is already half over and I need a pair of flat sandals for the home stretch, something not too expensive, because in a few weeks, I’ll have to be back in real shoes. Suggest something cool! —Meredith

Manolo says, ayyy! Old time is still a-flying, and that same summer that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying!

One minute (60 seconds) ago,

we were complaining about how super-oppressive-humid-nasty hot it was, and the next, we are planning for the end of summer and our return to the cooler weather of the fall. As the Manolo always counsels, if you do not like the weather today, wait several months and it’ll be different (unless you live in the Hawaii, in which case, carry on).

In the meantime, while we wait for the end of the Summer-mageddon 2012, featuring the unexpected delights of “The Derecho,” we will require sandals in which to walk around, so that our toes may frolic in the open air, as they did in the Garden of Eden. (Yes, it is true, the saddest day of all, was when the teeny Manolo learned that angels wear no shoes; they do not need them, floating about barefeeted, exactly as Adam and Eve were before she ate the apple. To which the little Manolo could only say, hooray for sin!)

Here is the Gracie from the Sam Edelman, the reasonably priced, fun sandal ($60, that will look good on your feets and not leave you bankrupted and living under the bridge in Bethesda. The Manolo is partial to the nude leopard finish.