Dan, 25, is an HVAC technician. Jessica, 25, is an interior designer. They live in Centreville, Va.

The Main Event: On Aug. 25, they’ll wed at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, Va.

How They Met: As students at Virginia Commonwealth University. They initially didn’t hit it off, because she beat him in beer pong “and rubbed it in his face a little bit.”

First Date: He invited her over for a homemade dinner; she brought lava cakes for dessert.

First Kiss: After their date, he walked her home through drizzle. “It was almost out of a movie,” he says. “I now completely understand when some people say they felt fireworks.”

How He Proposed: In the rain (how fitting) on Jessica’s porch.

Most Hated Clothing Item: His Ford hat. “I was raised in an all-Chevy family,” she says.

Most Stupid fight: They were both angry at each other for spending too much money on their Christmas presents. “We ended up yelling at each other what we had bought,” Jessica says. “We realized we had totally ruined the surprise.”

Pet Names: He’s “Bear,” she’s “Loverbutt.”