Gabriel, 27, is a sergeant in the U.S. Army. Christie, 27, works for the Department of Justice. They will live in Maryland once they are married.

The Main Event: A Sept. 1 wedding at a Baptist church in D.C.

How They Met: Honors chemistry at Archbishop Carroll High School. “We never said anything to each other, but I noticed her.” They reconnected on Facebook when he was deployed in Afghanistan.

First Impressions: “He was quiet and shy in person, which was the opposite of how he portrayed himself on Facebook. It’s a good thing he’s good-looking and smart because he has no game!”

First Date: “Avatar.” She got a headache from the 3-D and watched most of the movie without the glasses.

How he Proposed: On a carriage ride through Central Park. The ring was a size too small and got stuck on her finger.