Ryan, 28, is a consultant for the Department of Defense. Susan, 32, works for the State Department. They live in Washington.

The Main Event: They’ll say their vows Aug. 19 in Livermore, Calif. Shortly after, Susan’s job is taking her to Papua New Guinea for two years; Ryan will follow her there.

How They Met: At a happy hour. A friend of Susan’s approached Ryan (a complete stranger) and told him to talk to Susan.

First Impressions: “His opening line? ‘Hi, I’m Ryan.’ Genius.”

First Date: Veritas, a wine bar in Dupont Circle.

How He Proposed: At a winery in Virginia.

Most Hated Clothing Item: Her “horrendous fake diamond beaded Rocawear velour jumpsuit.”

Most Stupid Fight: Whether to send their nonexistent children to public or private school. “We’re both big planners, so we can sometimes overthink a scenario,” she says.

Pet Names: “I call her any name that begins with ‘S.’ Susan Sarandon, Sally Field, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sally Jessy Raphael.”

Wedding Jitters: “I just started having nightmares that my hair and makeup person refused to do my hair and makeup,” Susan says.