When I think of Twitter, the first thing that comes to mind is jokes.

That’s because my feed is filled with funny people who spend hours cracking wise on the Internet. Comedy blog Splitsider even has a daily roundup of the best comedian tweets.

But does Twitter have a place on stage? I bring this up because on Friday, I saw John Mulaney do a bit I was pretty sure I had already read on his feed. Sure enough, when I went to check @Mulaney, there was a series of three tweets from July 27 that were, more or less, what he said at the DC Improv.

The bit was part of a riff with an audience member, so he was working off-the-cuff, and the thought probably re-entered his mind. Not like it matters — comics repeat material all the time.

When I spoke to Rob Delaney, one of the most re-tweeted comedians on Twitter (@RobDelaney), in March, he noted that his act and feed did not intersect. “I don’t just read tweets on stage,” he said. “I don’t think that would be a worthwhile evening of comedy.”

For Delaney, who has built a fan base almost solely on his feed, that makes sense. For someone like Mulaney, I see Twitter as a public joke notebook. If a tweet ends up making its way on stage, then it was probably destined to show up there anyway.