“Maybe Will Farrell will do his George W. Bush impression for me,” thinks Zach Galifinakis.

“The Campaign,” out Friday, is a farce — meaning, well, it’s not that different from any real campaign. But the race at the center of the movie may not go down in history the way some of these others did.

The Manchurian Candidate
No, not the remake; the 1962 one with Frank Sinatra. The only thing scarier than the Reds in this thriller is Angela Lansbury’s creepy, creepy, CREEPY portrayal of a candidate’s Lady Macbethian mom.

The Candidate
In this 1972 film, Robert Redford plays an idealist running for the Senate. If only he had actually run for president — then we could have had Robert Redford on our money. “That costs a Redford,” we’d say.

Swing Vote
Campaigns target particular groups all the time — soccer moms, NASCAR dads. In this 2008 film, one vote will decide the presidential election, and it belongs to Bud Johnson (Kevin Costner). Talk about focused advertising.

Warren Beatty wrote, starred in and directed this 1998 film about a senator who loses his ideals and then decides to say whatever he wants. Also, Warren Beatty raps in it. Dear God.

Black Sheep
The candidate isn’t the focus of this 1996 Chris Farley-David Spade comedy (Farley is the candidate’s idiot brother), but it’s a great lesson on the importance of damage control. It’s also a great lesson about how Chris Farley was really, really funny.