Cap It Off
Bad hair days can strike at any time. Be prepared with the Weller hat from Nobis, the fashion-forward Canadian outerwear retailer ($50, This unisex, hand-woven topper has a flexible brim that can be worn up or down, and the neutral brown translates into fall. Other styles include retro-inspired newsboy caps and skimmers fit for a modern-day Don Draper.

Buffer Zone
It’s a tale as old as time: Girl meets boy. Boy asks girl out on date. Girl gets a raging zit in the middle of her forehead the morning of the date. Clarisonic’s new Acne Clarifying Collection ensures a happy ending with a powerful-yet-gentle oscillating facial buffer and a salicylic-acid acne cleanser that dries and clears blemishes ($169,

Nautical Notions
Unlike a conch shell, you won’t hear the ocean when you put a pair of Kiel James Patrick’s silk-covered earrings up to your lobes. But the nautical-inspired images like fish (shown), mermaids and sea horses certainly make you feel at-one with the ocean. Created in Rhode Island using top-quality silks, the adorable pops of color just washed ashore at Bishop Boutique ($25, 815-B King St., Alexandria; 571-312-0042). They look just as appropriate with a crisp white shirt as they do with a yellow polka-dot bikini.

Seine Ideas
Living in a garret in Paris sounds dreamy. But if moving to France isn’t possible, you can still deck your apartment with linens that will remind you of the City of Light. Maryland-based Blissliving Home’s newest bed and bath collection riffs on Gallic style with duvet covers in toile decked with images of Parisian landmarks ($275-$295,, polka-dotted shower curtains ($135) and throw pillows festooned with Coco Chanel-ish lace (shown, $85 each). Whether you take to wearing a beret around the house is up to you, cherie.

Sweets for The Heat
It’s so steamy out that the effort of transforming farmers market fruit into a treat seems huge. OVEN. SO. HOT. SHORTCAKE. RECIPE. SO. HARD. Heritage Delight’s meringue nests (12 for $6, Whole Foods) serve as a crunchy base for sliced peaches, blackberries or, heck, a gallon or so of chocolate sauce. The cookie-size sweets have only 30 calories and 0 grams of fat each, a good thing, since you’ll barely lift a finger turning them into dessert.